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ASP to ASP.NET: The mindset change
(November 4, 2003)

Chris Ullman has vast experience of ASP and ASP.NET and is equally at home using either technology. In this series of articles, he explores not only the coding differences involved in migrating from ASP to ASP.NET, but the changes in mindset necessary to take maximum advantage from the new technology.

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Launch of Premium Content
(November 4, 2003)

Welcome to the launch of our new Premium Tutorial Area of the Site!

Now that .NET has moved from geekhood to the mainstream, and ASP.NET is being increasingly used for web page development, we at are delighted to announce our new additional content track – our Premium Tutorials!

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More security updates for Windows
(October 20, 2003)

Microsoft has warned of four new flaws in the Windows Software. Microsoft will now issue monthly warnings and security patches.

It has promised to rush out an emergency patch midmonth if it determines hackers are actively breaking into computers using a flaw it can repair immediately.

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