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Modifications to Internet Explorer
(October 9, 2003)

Microsoft describes changes to Internet Explorer's handling of ActiveX controls and Java applets. Developers who build ActiveX controls, Web developers who use ActiveX and Java Applets on their Web sites, and developers who host the Web Browser OC or MSHTML should consult this documentation to understand how the user experience is changing, and also how to modify their pages to manage the user experience for their content.

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Alert: fast-spreading MSBlast worm!
(August 13, 2003)

07.55 GMT August 12 ZDnet reports: "The fast-spreading MSBlast worm seems to be crashing as many Windows computers as it's infecting, demonstrating to administrators that they need to patch their systems, security experts said on Monday. By midafternoon on Monday, the worm had infected at least 7,000 computers in a matter of hours, according to data provided by security company Symantec. Still, security experts stressed that the program had several flaws that had slowed its spread."

Today on ZDnet: new analysis has uncovered a time bomb in the worm's code poised to unleash a furious denial of service attack at Microsoft itself. The 'time bomb' in the worm's code, discovered by anti-virus and security researchers, will turn every infected system into a DoS agent on August 16, this Saturday. The systems will begin sending random strings of data to the Web site in an attempt to knock it offline. If the DoS attack is successful, administrators will be unable to patch their systems against the vulnerability exploited by MSBlast.

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Welcome to DNzone!
(June 13, 2002)

Dear .NET user,

We are proud to annouce - the new place for all .NET developers. If you’re into web or windows programming, DNzone is the place for you. Use developing tools?  Visual Studio.Net, Dreamweaver MX, Web Matrix? No problem. DNzone is dedicated to helping you become more effective no matter how you develop.

DNzone features Articles, Tutorials, Forums, DW/MX extensions, .NET Components. All contributed by the DNzone members!

Join us today and  share your knowledge!

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