Advanced Flash Album Generator.NET for Visual Studio

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by George Petrov

"Resize your photos, create thumbnails and put them in an amazing Flash Album. "

Ever wanted to have a nifty flash gallery for all your photos? With Advanced Flash Album Generator.NET you can do that quickly and easy! This component will resize your photos, create thumbnails and put them in an amazing Flash Album. Retrieve images dynamically from your database, XML files or other data sources from Visual Studio. The album is generated from Visual Studio within a few clicks! All your photos will be displayed online instantly in a cool Flash Photo Viewer that is customizable to your site design.

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                     With this movie we will show you how easily you can manipulate Advanced Flash Album Generator for .NET using its API in code behind.



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Features in Detail

  • New! Fully Generate Your Album at Runtime - Load Your Images and Their Properties From any Visual Studio Datasource
    You can add your images dynamically by using the Dynamic DataSource menu. After adding and configuring some DataSources on your page, you can select fields for the Image Path (required),  the Description, Link and Link Target (Optional). The supported DataSources are XmlDataSource, SqlDataSource, AccessDataSource.

  • New! Dynamically Change The Properties And List of Images In Your Album
    For instance, change properties and add images at runtime by adding the following code to your page's code behind:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
  AdvFlashAlbumGeneratorControl1.GalleryTitle = "DNzone Flash Album";
  AdvFlashAlbumGeneratorControl1.AddImage("images/image1.jpg", "the first    image", "", "_self");
  AdvFlashAlbumGeneratorControl1.AddImage("images/image2.jpg", "the second image", "", "_blank");
  AdvFlashAlbumGeneratorControl1.AddImage("images/image3.jpg", "the third image", "", "_target");
  AdvFlashAlbumGeneratorControl1.AddImage("images/image4.jpg", "the fourth image", "", "_top");

  • New! Dynamically Generated Thumbnails on the Fly
    The thumbnails of the album are generated on demand, serverside. Depending on your image source so the used bandwidth always stays low.
  • Integrated in Visual Studio
    Interactive dialog in Visual Studio with all the options you'll need;

  • A property inspector for easy editing

  • Cool transition effects and easy navigation

  • Automatically generated thumbnails
    Auto generate your thumbnails with the right size and crop them if needed

  • Automatically generates and edits photos XML file
    The extension creates the photo album XML file for you! No need to dig in a difficult XML format everything is completely configured with a user friendly interface

  • Images are automatically scaled in the Flash viewer
    The Flash Viewer is using a smart imaging technique so that your images always fit in the display
  • Original images can be automatically resized to fit the specified size while the proportions are maintained
  • Gallery images are loaded on demand
  • Rich set of image transitions
    Choose from 12 different image effects for the transitions between the photos. You can also choose to use them all by selecting the random option.
  • Smart thumbnails strip
    The thumbnails layout has been improved so they fit the available space.
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Make an amazing album with Advanced Flash Album Generator.NET
This movie we will show you how easily and quickly you can make an amazing album with Advanced Flash Album Generator.NET to impress your site visitors.




Connecting an XmlDataSource to DNzone Components
In this video we will show you how easy it is to create an XMLDataSource for Advanced Flash Album Generator for Visual Studio.

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Product:VS 2005, VS 2008, VWD 2005 Express Edition, VWD 2008 Express Edition
Server Model:All

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