Inside ASP.NET

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(July 4, 2002)

Inside ASP.NET is a comprehensive guide to ASP.NET development using Microsoft's .NET development framework. This book presents information on the .NET framework that is of specific interest to Internet and intranet developers, and is split into the following sections: Introducing ASP.NET, Core ASP.NET, ASP.NET and Data Access, Advanced Technologies, Advanced Web Forms, and Putting It All Together

Each chapter tackles a specific area of ASP.NET development, first by giving a detailed overview, then presenting a series of code examples and walk-throughs that illustrate various applications of ASP.NET

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Author(s):Scott Worley
User Level:Intermediate
Language(s):C#, VB.NET
Publisher:New Riders Publishing

Written for the experienced user, this book is the only one you will need to transition your skill set from ASP to ASP.NET. Author Scott Worley supplies you with many source code examples individually relating to every concept introduced within this book. In addition, Worley also provides a full ASP.NET-based online task management application used as the final case-study project in this book.

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