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Upcoming HTTPS Improvements in Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2

(October 28, 2005)

MSDN's Internet Explorer Weblog talks about the new HTTPS-security features within Internet Explorer 7. The HTTPS-protocol in an encrypted version of the HTTP-protocol that is used for safe transactions. Most of the changes boost the standard safety settings of the browser and are manually configurable by IE6.

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IE users will not notice any difference in the user-experience; it’s a silent improvement in security.  Our research indicates that there are only a handful of sites left on the Internet that require SSLv2.  Adding support for SSLv3 or TLSv1 to a website is generally a simple configuration change.  On a secure site, you can examine what protocol is in use by clicking Properties on the File menu.  Alternatively, you can use Microsoft Fiddler’s “Capture HTTPS CONNECTs” option to view a complete listing of which protocols and encryption algorithms your browser offers and which the server chooses.
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