Flash Image Enhancer.NET for Visual Studio

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by George Petrov

"Create real-time image effects on your web page"

Create real-time image effects on your web page with Flash Image Enhancer. Use rounded corners, borders, drop shadows, blur, grayscale and mouse over effects like an image description that slides in! All within Visual Studio.

Check out the review of the Dreamweaver version at PC-Review Online where Flash Image Enhancer gets four out of five stars.


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Author:George Petrov
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Features highlights:

  • Give your image a cool Web 2.0 look with reflections
  • Full ASP.NET Web Control With A Great Property Inspector
  • Amazing effects 
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New Video

Changing the Image Source of Flash Image Enhancer.NET with API
With this movie we will show you how to change the image source of Flash Image Enhancer.NET while preserving all of its previous settings using the control's integrated API


New Formula 1 demo

This demo includes a menu with enhanced rollovers and it displays how you can display images with nice borders and shadows! Curious how the original pages looks without the Flash Image Enhancer? Then turn of your JavaScript and be amazed of the difference!

Check out the demo read more

Nature demo gallery

Check out this wonderful demo of a gallery that is created with Flash Image Enhancer.


Check out the demo read more


 Features In Detail »

Features in detail

  • Give your image a cool Web 2.0 look with reflections
    Flash Image Enhancer automatically generates amazing reflections.
  • Amazing effects
    Use amazing effects to enhance your images, combine your effects, apply them by default or on mouse over to create stunning transitions.

  • Flash Image Enhancer Loads Fast
    The Flash Movie that is used to enhance your images weighs less then 50kb and only needs to be loaded once. If the user has no Flash installed the images will still be displayed (without the effects).

  • Browser Compatibility
    All 100% cross browser compatible due to usage of a Flash component! Also fully XHTML compatible and browser un-obtrusive - so when no Flash or JavaScript is available your images are just displayed as regular images!
  • Fully integrated in Visual Studio
    Set your options within user friendly interface, no coding is required

  • Full ASP.NET Web Control With A Great Property Inspector

  • Automatically updates the Flash Player of the user
    Flash Image Enhancer.NET automatically detects and updates the Flash Player of the user if it the installed Flash Player is older then the required version (version 8).
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Product:VS 2005, VS 2008, VWD 2005 Express Edition, VWD 2008 Express Edition
Server Model:All

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Version 1.1.0

  • Improved compatibility with Master pages
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George Petrov

George PetrovGeorge Petrov is the Founder of the highly successful Zones: DMXzone.com, FWzone.net, FLzone.com, CFzone.net, DNzone.com and FlashFiles.nl

He has developed the comprehensive Dynamic Zones Content Management System that is the brains driving them and constantly supports their online communities with his extensive and valuable knowledge.

He is a renowned web development 'Guru' who has written many articles and extension for Macromedia's Dreamweaver/MX and UltraDev.

George Petrov is also the CEO and Founder of Dynamic Zones and also very proud of his children Sofie, Victor and Alexander!

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