Advanced Active Slideshow.NET for Visual Studio

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by George Petrov

"Create slideshow that becomes alive in yout browser by using fantastic effects"

Bring your photos to life in an amazing slideshow. This control uses amazing effects from the famous director, Ken Burns. The slideshow slowly zooms in and pans across your photos, bringing your photos to life. Furthermore, you can add your favourite sound or music track, making it the most enjoyable slideshow ever!

The control allows you to create and customize your slideshow within a few clicks. Images are resized to a specified size using Visual Studio. The Flash player is used for displaying the slideshow to the user.

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Author:George Petrov
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  • Make great family and vacation slideshows
  • Spice up corporate presentations
  • Make great advertisements and banners
  • Create awesome offline product presentations


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Switch between two different types of data sources and change the images
With this movie we will show you how easily you can switch between two different types of data sourses and change the images for your Advanced Active Slideshow.NET for Visual Studio



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Features in Detail

  • Amazing user experience
    • The slideshow generates an instant user experience by streaming the images and sounds directly. This way the user can enjoy your slideshow instantly even with a low bandwidth connection.
    • The slideshows uses a great zoom in and pan effect also know as the Ken Burns effect, furthermore it generates a cool alpha blending effect.
  • Fully integrated in Visual Studio;
    • Interactive dialog in Visual Studio with all the options you’ll need;

    • An inline property inspector so that you can easily change visual options later on

  • Automatically generates and edits slideshow XML file
    • The extension creates the slideshow XML files fully for you! No need to dig in a difficult XML format everything is fully visual now
  • Images are automatically scaled in the Flash viewer
    • The Flash Viewer is using a smart imaging technique so that your images always fit in the display

  • Original images can be automatically resized to fit the specified size while the proportions are maintained

  • Add interactivity by adding a link on your slideshow

Special features of the Flash viewer

The viewer of Active Slideshow.NET features;

  • Intelligent image and audio pre-loading and streaming.
  • Extremely Lightweight (less then 10k).
  • Cross platform (requires Flash 7 or higher).
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Active Slideshow.NET for Visual Studio Video
With this movie we would like to present some of the basic features of Visual Studio intergration including interface implementation and end-user experience features!

Manipulate Advanced Active Slideshow.NET with API
With this movie we will show you how easily you can manipulate your Advanced Active Slideshow.NET for Visual Studio using the control's integrated API.
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Product:VS 2005, VS 2008, VWD 2005 Express Edition, VWD 2008 Express Edition
Server Model:All
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Tags:slideshow, ken burns, amazing effects, slideshow transitions, gallery

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