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(June 15, 2002)

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For the first time, every member of your development team-designers, developers, and programmers-can work in a single integrated environment to create, build, and manage websites and Internet applications. Macromedia Dreamweaver MX combines its renowned visual layout tools with the rapid web application development features of Dreamweaver UltraDev and the extensive code-editing support of Macromedia HomeSite. So the world's best way to create professional websites is now the easiest way to build powerful Internet applications.

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Language(s):C#, VB.NET
Runs On:Windows, Mac

Achieve complete control over code and design. Build the site you want, the way you want it, using the visual layout tools of Dreamweaver combined with the code-editing tools of HomeSite.

Rapidly develop Internet applications for the latest server technologies. Drag-and-drop visual tools and robust code-editing support make it easy to develop for any popular server technology.

Unlock the benefits of emerging standards and new web technologies, including XML, web services, XHTML, and accessibility compliance. Retrofit existing sites or build next-generation applications.
Enhance productivity using the new integrated workspace, which is shared with Macromedia Flash MX and Fireworks MX. The workspace includes tabbed document windows, dockable panel groups, customizable toolbars, and integrated file browsing.
Jumpstart design and production using professional-quality, pre-built layouts and code, including site structures, forms, accessible templates, and JavaScript functions for client-side interactivity. Create new sites with a Site Setup Wizard that helps you quickly enter the information for configuring dynamic, staged, or ISP-hosted sites.
Write code faster than ever before using high-powered coding features like code hints, tag editors, extensible color coding, tag choosers, snippets, and code validation.
Use one integrated development environment to develop HTML, XHTML, XML, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, PHP, and Macromedia ColdFusion websites. Customize and extend the development environment with more than 700 free extensions available through the Macromedia Exchange for Dreamweaver.
Quickly develop common Internet applications using libraries of code to create database insertion and update forms, recordset navigation pages, and user authentication pages. Test layouts using live data to populate the design view.
Take advantage of ColdFusion MX to rapidly develop Internet applications. Beginners will find site wizards, code samples, and reference material. Advanced ColdFusion developers can explore the newest ColdFusion MX features, including ColdFusion components, web services, and integrated debugging and tracing.
Work in the technologies of your choice in a cross-platform, technology-agnostic development environment that supports J2EE and .NET, runs on Windows and Mac, and offers open integration with industry-leading tools such as Macromedia Flash MX and Fireworks MX.
Accelerate next-generation development with support for XML, including creating, editing, and validating XML code, and importing XML schemas. Easily introspect XML web services. Ensure standards compliance with default creation of XHTML output, easy conversion from standard HTML to XHTML, and increased support for CSS2. 
Create accessible websites to comply with U.S. law and international standards, using compliance-checking features for pages and sites, in-product reference content, and an active authoring mode for accessibility.

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