Mini-review & Competition of jQuery UI 1.7: The User Interface Library for jQuery

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by Lubov Cholakova

"Our friends from Packt Publishing are giving away 5 books!"

Dan Wellman is an author and web developer based in the UK. For many year he's been writing articles for DMXzone. This year he published his third book called: jQuery UI 1.7: The User Interface Library for jQuery. The book is a great help for people who are diving into the world of jQuery and want to learn quickly how to use the jQuery UI User Interface Library.

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In Detail

Modern web application user interface design requires rapid development and proven results. jQuery UI, a trusted suite of official plug-ins for the jQuery JavaScript library, gives you a solid platform on which to build rich and engaging interfaces with maximum compatibility and stability, and minimum time and effort.

jQuery UI has a series of ready-made, great-looking user interface widgets and a comprehensive set of core interaction helpers designed to be implemented in a consistent and developer-friendly way. With all this, the amount of code that you need to write personally to take a project from conception to completion is drastically reduced.

Specially revised for version 1.7 of jQuery UI, this book has been written to maximize your experience with the library by breaking down each component and walking you through examples that progressively build upon your knowledge, taking you from beginner to advanced usage in a series of easy-to-follow steps.

In this book, you'll learn how each component can be initialized in a basic default implementation and then see how easy it is to customize its appearance and configure its behavior to tailor it to the requirements of your application. You'll look at the configuration options and the methods exposed by each component's API to see how these can be used to bring out the best of the library.

Events play a key role in any modern web application if it is to meet the expected minimum requirements of interactivity and responsiveness, and each chapter will show you the custom events fired by the component covered and how these events can be intercepted and acted upon.

In this book you will learn

  • How the brand-new CSS framework styles each of the library components
  • Organizing different sections of related content as tabs and accordions to save space on your page while maximizing its content
  • Displaying messages, images, and interactive content like forms using the dialog widget
  • Using sliders for volume and color control of your applications by dynamically scrolling left and right, displaying different ranges
  • Allowing your site visitors to select dates from the calendar using the date picker widget
  • Adding an attractive and effective deterministic progress bar to give visitors essential feedback on how much longer a process has left to complete
  • Providing a drag-and-drop mechanism to let users directly rearrange elements around the page
  • Making a range of elements of a group selectable and taking collective actions on them
  • Creating a page with content boxes that can be sorted into various positions to suit the visitor's personal preference
  • Adding flair to your actions with animation effects

Summary of Content

  • Chapter 1: Introducing jQuery UI
  • Chapter 2: The CSS Framework
  • Chapter 3: Tabs
  • Chapter 4: The Accordion Widget
  • Chapter 5: The Dialog
  • Chapter 6: Slider
  • Chapter 7: Datepicker
  • Chapter 8: Progressbar
  • Chapter 9: Drag and Drop
  • Chapter 10: Resizing
  • Chapter 11: Selecting
  • Chapter 12: Sorting
  • Chapter 13: UI Effects

Who is this book for?

This book is for front-end designers and developers who need to quickly learn how to use the jQuery UI User Interface Library. To get the most out of this book you should have a good working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and will need to be comfortable using jQuery, the underlying foundation of jQuery UI.


We've got a brand new mini-review and competition of jQuery UI 1.7: The User Interface library for jQuery. Our friends from Packt Publishing are giving away 5 books!

All you need to do, to enter the competition is, download the sample PDF and finish the following sentence:

"The structure of the underlying HTML elements, on which tabs are based, is rigid..."

Send your answer to this e-mail address, before Wednesday the 20th of January 2010. Don't forget to include your post address and phone number (required for international shipping) in the e-mail.
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