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Major Price Drop Off at DNzone - All Components 50% Off!

(December 17, 2010)

"The Half Price for the Highest Product Quality!"

Have you ever thought about purchasing one of our fantastic Visual Studio components but didn't put a hand on them? This is your moment, because we are offering an insane 50 % off discount on all our Premium components and bundles.

Why this Major Adjustment?

  • As you might already noticed, Christmas came a bit earlier this year at the DNzone. It's time for a lifetime change and we've decided to focus more on supporting you - our loyal friends, by cutting the price huge - 50% Off.
  • We treasure your loyalty and the ability to push us to our limits, by providing us feedback and edge cutting cases that make the DNzone Platform develop high-quality content and components.
  • We'll continue to provide our DNzone Family with the best possible, but from now on, on a lower price.


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