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ASP.NET Software

by James W. Threadgill (July 27, 2002)

WWWeb Concepts has committed itself to being a forerunner in developing and providing "out of the box" asp.net software solutions. Our first such ASP.NET application is now available. This ready to run ASP.NET application is a full featured news management system. Dot Net News back end management system allows you to edit text content using simple html forms and easily upload images with your news stories. Dot Net News is available in an Access and SQL Server databased versions. A free demo, Dot Net News Lite is also available.

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James W. Threadgill

James W. ThreadgillAfter high school I went to work in the construction industry. It was 1978—there were no PCs! It was several years before I became interested in computers. I returned to school in 1993 and in Jan. 1995 I began a computer science certification course at local community college. Windows 95 had just came out and we were still using Wndows for Workgroups 3.1.1. Here I first learned about databases--actually comma delimeted flat files--and programming with Quick Basic and Turbo Pascal.

From community college I went on to the University of Houston where I first got interested in the web. It was 1997 by now and the web was well established in a geocities home page kind of way. I just couldn't wait to add my own pages with ugly backgrounds and tacky graphics. Well, I showed my new "web site" to friend on campus and next thing you know one of the departments in the University is actually paying me to make them a web site. Needless to say, I was thoroughly hooked. The web monkey was on back and he's been ever since.

In 1999 I married—my first wife a second time—and in 2000 I graduated from the University of Houston with a M.A. I currently own and operate small web design firm with my wife in Houston.

The monkey's a gorilla these days.

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where is the link
Written by prasanna muthuramalingam on August 13, 2007

please tell me the link to download this project i am dare in need of this

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