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DotNet (.NET) Runtime Version Checker
(November 17, 2004)

Did you know that there have now been over 15 builds of the CLR (.NET runtime) released by Microsoft? Some are previews and betas admittedly, but all the same it is worthwhile knowing what versions are installed on a particular machine. VersionCheck is a free utility that will help you work this out.
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NetSend Plus
(November 9, 2004)

NetSend Plus

This is a simple application developed using .NET/C#. Basically this
application will send a SMS message to all the selected users and give
you the message feed back such as failed or success.   

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devAdvantage 2.1 Refactoring C# code to best practices
(October 14, 2004)

devAdvantage combines features of a refactoring tool and code analyzer to create a unique tool for C# .NET development.devAdvantage detects and corrects issues surrounding best practices and standards for areas of: error handling, naming conventions, .NET Framework usage and design best practices. Configurable rules allow you to define your own standards. Finding and reporting issues is not enough.devAdvantage works with developers to correct issues during development making it realistic and cost effective to enforce standards.

devAdvantage has a Community Edition that is completely free and offers developers the chance to experience the features and capabilities first hand.

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RSS Reader from Developer Express Inc.
(September 10, 2004)

A simple but fully functional RSS news aggregator from DeveloperExpress Inc. The full sources(C# and VB) plus all the required executable files are included.

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FileCam : Monitoring File Changes and Backing Up Files
(August 16, 2004)

FileCam is software that can monitor file changes on Microsoft® Windows and back up the files as they are being changed. FileCam also records who changed the files -- information that is very important when files can be accessed by multiple users.

Running in the background after a user logs in, FileCam automatically monitors the files, records all relevant changes, and creates backup files. The records, or results, can be searched and saved in Excel or Text format for future investigation.

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