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VisiCode - .NET performance analysis
(January 2, 2004)

VisiCode is a profiler/analysis tool that gives developers a simple, intuitive way to see the real-time execution of .NET software components. The focus of the product is graphical rendering of execution relationships, such as call stacks and concurrency, in an easily browsable form. Please visit our site at www.VisiCode.com for complete details. The product contains a free 15-day trial.  

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Commodity Server Time Series Server
(December 19, 2003)

Database Server for Time Series

Commodity Server is a high speed multiuser, multithreaded database server for time series data.  With Commodity Server, developers can create create and store time series, called "profiles", of consisting of mixed interval lengths, and then compute various statistics on them based on persisted templates, time ranges, rollups of any interval length.  Sets of profiles may be combined based on any combination of user definable attributes.  Commodity Server comes with the server, a C# client library, a command line utility, and a C# graphing utility (including source code), and several other C# client examples.
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RapTier - a C#, VB.NET and SQL code generation tool for database-driven applications
(November 20, 2003)

RapTier is a template-based C#, VB.NET, and SQL Code Generator for multi-tier development.

The tool automatically generates thousands of lines of code in a matter of seconds. Key features: Object-Relational Mapping; Generation of WinForm & WebForm UI; Extendable templates; High quality generated code; Multi-database support: MS SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, MySQL; Stored procedures generation.

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devAdvantag - A Source Code Analyzer that Tackles Multithreading Issues
(November 11, 2003)

devAdvantage - A Source Code Analyzer that Tackles Multithreading Issues

devAdvantage is a Visual Studio® .NET Add-in that automates C# code reviews by analyzing code, detecting errors and helping you fix problems automatically.  This release targets issues such as deadlocks, race conditions and synchronization problems that occur in multithreaded programming.  devAdvantage can help you use the .NET framework SDK System.Threading namespace with confidence.


Learn more at Anticipating Minds

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PC Guard for .NET V5
(November 5, 2003)

Professional software copy protection system.

With PC Guard you can easily protect standard Windows 95/98/Me/2000/NT/XP/2003 32bit and Microsoft .NET framework applications from illegal distribution and reverse engineering. Even more, you don't need any source code changes or programming experience to accomplish professional software copy protection of your programs. PC Guard can by used by anyone, from absolute beginners to professional programmers.

PC Guard for Win32/.NET is royalty free. You can protect unlimited number of your programs with no additional investments. You also don't need any additional hardware (hardware keys, dongles etc.) for proper execution of protected programs. PC Guard is based only on complex software protection techniques and PC hardware details.

Protection is applied directly to compiled applications (exe/dll/ocx... files) by wrapping them into security envelope which consist of large number of encryption layers and anti-debugging, anti reverse engineering code and contains all protection functions. Protected application is encrypted and protection code is embedded into it. You can put more then one protection layer around your application for better security. Protected application is distributed in encrypted state. This makes protected application highly secure and safe from tampering.

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