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SM Web Control Suite
(July 31, 2003)

SM Web Control Suite, is a suite of ASP.NET controls that will provide great functionality to your web applications. The suite contains several controls, one class, a replacement to the HTC behavior file for Microsoft's IE Treeview webcontrol to allow drag and drop, and a white paper on how to get the treeview control to work on a MAC computer.
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Vedas .NET SMTP Emailer
(July 17, 2003)

vSMTP is a simple yet powerful .NET component that can be used in .NET environment to send out emails.  It can be used in both ASP.net and winforms applications and is fully developed in C#. You can purchase the full version to remove the message attached to the out going emails.

Just added (07/21/2003) vSMTPQ. vSMTP's add-on component. vSMTP Queue (vSMTPQ) is an add-on component to vSMTP that dramatically increases the performance of vSMTP and makes it more scallable. You can use vSMTP component to send email to queue and vSMTPQ later on processes these emails and sends them out. By doing this you save lots of time in email sending. This is particularly very handy when it comes to bulk emailing. The program does not send out emails, rather it sends them to queue there by the email sending process gets completed very quickly. The vSMTPQ program processes these emails and sends them out. The email queue process is completely safe as all your emails are encrypted and stored in the queue.

vSMTPQ is a .NET windows service built entirely on C# and its 100% managed code. vSMTPQ decrypts the emails (encrypted) stored in the queue folder and sends them out using the parameters provided.

vSMTP Queue is included in the professional version of vSMTP at no extra cost. 


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csUnit - Complete Solution Unit Testing
(April 29, 2003)

 csUnit is a free, open source unit testing framework for the Microsoft .NET Framework.
It targets test driven development using C#, Visual Basic .NET, and managed C++.

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C# Refactory - refactoring and metrics integrated in Visual Studio
(April 25, 2003)

C# Refactory is a refactoring, metrics and productivity add-in for Microsoft Visual Studio.NET and is a must-have if you do test driven development with a unit testing tool like csUnit.

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ORM.NET - Data Access Made Easy
(April 24, 2003)

ORM.NET - Object Relational Mapping Tool - is a powerful development application that auto-generates a data layer object model based on your SQL database schema. The generated run-time component exposes all tables as classes and columns as properties.
Using the built-in DataManager object, users can easily retrieve data from multiple tables based on complex criteria without using stored procedures or embedded SQL code. In addition, data updates, inserts, and deletes can be saved to the database with one call.
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